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.: Welcome to Leather Big Book Covers

It's a new year and we have a new website. Several changes have been made:
(1) You can purchase "ready made" leather big book cover with a simple shoping cart system. (New, ready made covers will be added over time)
(2) Prices were adjusted to reflect material and labor costs.
(3) There is a "new look" to the website.

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Basic and Custom made-to-order Alcoholics Anonymous² Leather Big Book¹ Covers for your Big Book and other AA literature.

All covers are handmade from various types of leather. They are sewn with bonded polyester #207 thread or laced with black vegetable tanned cow hide. These leathers are not the "t h i n" leathers found in commercially produced covers nor are they "bonded" leathers. The covers are a "slip-on" design, much like the old way we used to cover our school books with cut up paper grocery bags. Most of the covers are chrome tanned cow hide in many colors and are smooth grained, pebble grained or have embossed finishes (Alligator, Ostrich, etc.). 

Leather is a natural product and may have some defects (e.g. range markings: healed scars, bug bites, brands, etc.).  Those marking are natural in real leather. None of the leather is bonded leather.  Most covers have an applique made from vegetable tanned cow that is dyed with a saddle tan antique dye to highlight lettering or custom carvings. 

.: Text & Symbol Decorations

The Basic Leather Big Book can be decorated. Please see How-to-Order for ALL the options available. You could have items such as these: 

  • ...and/or... Name
  • ...and/or... Serenity Prayer
  • ...and/or... Circle/Triangle 
  • ...and/or... Medallion coin holder
  • ...and/or... a short quote from Second Edition Big Book like "Easy Does It", "Thy Will be done". etc.   
  • ...and/or... any quote of your own
  • ...and many, many other items.....
  • .....as shown in this example and others in the Gallery:

.: Sample Big Book Covers Pictures

Plain basic covers:


Custom Text & Symbol made-to-order covers:


NEW Hide-on-Hair Book Covers

.: Hand Tooled Designs

Let your imagination run wild and have a Custom Leather Big Book Cover made for you. Those covers will be "one-of-kind" and are quite striking. And are, of course, take more time and more materials resulting in associated higher costs.


Leather Crafter
"Book Cover" Bob
Email: stelmack@nwlink.com

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